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Case Study
Increased Traffic, Engagement & Transactions for an Auto Insurance Provider by Designing a Better Website & Mobile App

Website Redesign | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Conversion Tracking & Optimization | Mobile App design


increase in keywords ranked


increase in traffic

CURE Auto Insurance.png


CURE Auto Insurance offers protection to drivers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Unlike other providers, CURE does not use education, occupation, or credit score to determine car insurance rates, making it an affordable option for various segments. However, its website did not communicate this key differentiator, nor did it inspire confidence in prospects shopping around for car insurance. Furthermore, CURE is competing with large national brands with massive resources, presence, and budget. 


  • Evaluated user behavior and key competitors to identify the biggest untapped opportunities

  • Reimagined and redesigned mobile responsive website

  • Rearrange information to drive more engagement

  • Technical SEO to improve traffic and user experience

  • Improvements to the website based on user behavior tracking

  • Helped develop an engaging app for existing members


  • Competitive analysis

  • User behavior analysis

  • Website redesign

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Conversion tracking & optimization

  • Mobile App design


The new website was designed based on (1) how the current website was used, (2) what gaps exist in the marketplace that we can explore, and (3) what the most demanding members expect from their providers. We made transactional links, to make a payment or to report a claim, very visible and easily accessible to current members. We also made it easy to start the quote process directly from the home page. Through technical SEO, we were able to attract the right traffic to the right pages. Finally, the mobile app gave the existing members access to all the key transactional capabilities to reduce call volume and improve customer satisfaction. 


The new layout design is inspiring and modern. It gives new prospects easy access to start the quote process and current members access to all the transactional links without cluttering the homepage. It also highlights CURE's key differentiator and showcases its Super Bowl 2022 ad. 

CURE Website Redesign.jpg
CURE Website Redesign Mobile.jpg

404 PAGE

Added the custom 404 page to allow users to continue their journey if they find a broken link or a page that was removed. This also allowed us to track any broken links while improving the user experience. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 1.44.18 PM.png


By improving the website's architecture, folder & URL structure, website load time, meta titles and descriptions, and addressing other SEO issues, we were able to significantly improve keywords ranked and traffic to the website. 

SEO Organic Keywords Ranked Report.png
SEO Organic Traffic Report.png


By optimizing images, reducing javascript, and removing errors, we were able to improve the fully loaded time from 18.7 seconds to 5.5 seconds. 

Website Load Time Improvement.png


The mobile app was designed to make it easy for existing members to get help when they need it the most. It allowed members to view their ID card, review and pay bills, get roadside assistance, report a claim, manage policy, and reach customer service. This helped reduce lag time and call volume while improving user experience and satisfaction. 

CURE App HomeScreen.png
CURE Mobile App.png
CURE App Design.png


By understanding how users were currently using the website and what competitors were doing (and not doing), we were able to redesign and optimize the website to generate more traffic, engagement, and transactions. Mobile app make it easier for existing members to make transactions while reducing call volume. 

increase in keywords ranked



increase in traffic

CURE Auto Insurance.png
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