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Updated: Apr 15

healthcare digital marketing

Digital marketing services are a must-have for healthcare providers who want to connect with their patients. Nowadays, more than ever, people rely on the internet to do search and learn about options.

Marketing a healthcare practice infographic

So it makes sense to explore digital marketing to connect with your audience and to provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision.


Digital marketing in healthcare infographic

Healthcare digital marketing is the process of promoting your services to healthcare aspirants through online platforms.

Digital Marketing has become an invaluable investment option for any business that provides medical care or offers products related in some way to health and wellness, as approximately 88% of people look up information on these topics before deciding between treatment options, so it's important not just keep up appearances but also stay connected.

Digital marketing allows healthcare providers to present their services more effectively and efficiently by using social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, content marketing, and other tactics. It can help healthcare providers reach out to those in need of medical assistance quickly and cost-effectively.


Communication and instant responses are what people want in their lives. With the rise of technology, it's easier than ever for them to access medical professionals without having you leave their homes or office.

A) Search Engine Optimization

Search engine opimization for medical companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in ensuring that patients are receiving the best possible user experience. The more effort you put into your SEO strategy, and by extension patient care, the more it's likely to see an increase from Google when they're ranking websites based on quality content or fast loading times.

As with all things digital marketing-related, there is no one size fits all approach which means every company has different needs but if we look at some general tips such as responsive layouts, voice search optimization, etc.

The importance of SEO for nourishing your online medical center is highlighted by the statistic that 77% percent searches on Google, Bing, and other engines.

Over 70 percent click on results listed on the first page of health-related searches which can lead them to contact you or one of our partners immediately after performing their research.

B) Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your medical practice, then PPC advertising is a must.

With so many different platforms and options available for placing ads online (google Adwords), it can be difficult knowing where exactly to begin when trying out new tactics in order best serve customers with their needs met by our services.

With over $36 billion in advertising spending expected by 2020, healthcare companies have been investing heavily in Google ads. The average return for every dollar spent is estimated at undoing 3/4th of a penny which means that PPC campaigns can be very profitable if implemented correctly and optimized well enough.

C) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is using social media to stay connected with patients even when there are uncertainties in the system. With better opportunities for targeting different age groups, genders, and medical conditions.

These platforms provide an excellent way of getting information across quickly while also keeping people engaged on what's happening around them which can help prevent disease outbreaks before they happen. The importance of social media in healthcare is undeniable.

According to recent studies, 60% trust posts from doctors and other health professionals on Facebook while 83 percent say these same online portals help them make decisions about their well-being making it essential for anyone looking into the field or working within it today.

D) Content Marketing to Generate Leads

does your organization have a content strategy in place pie chart

The right content marketing strategy will help you share your expertise and engage with patients. You can create quality-rich blog posts, infographics, or videos based on topics related to a niche of yours, like dietitian blogs for childhood obesity treatment plans.

The key here is not only providing information but also showing how it’s possible through our experience as experts in this field that know what works best when trying different things out there.

Healthcare marketers are finding creative new ways to market their services. One way is through content marketing, which has been proven 3 times as valuable than outbound approaches and costs 62% less for a comparable ROI (return on investment).

Furthermore, videos made by healthcare video professionals generate 66 percent more qualified leads per year.

E) Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing market size bar graph

Mobile marketing is the future of healthcare! Mobile devices are not just for checking e-mail or catching up on social media, they can be invaluable tools in reaching prospective patients.

With smart tactics like app-based campaigns, location-based services, and text message notifications about deals near you, we'll make sure your business stays a top priority with us.

With mobile marketing, you can reach potential patients on their smartphones and tablets through smart tactics like app-based advertisements or location tracking.

Forty-four percent (44%) of those who research hospitals via a mobile device will end up scheduling an appointment with them while 47.6% of emails in this industry are opened by people using phones as opposed to computers which means it’s easier for marketers at times such as these.

F) Email Marketing

Emails received per year bar graph

Staying in touch with your audience, providing personalized experiences, and establishing relationships are key to ensuring that you are on top of all the patients' minds.

Email marketing can be an effective way for staying up-to-date about what’s happening within our community while also engaging them through relevant content, it's no wonder why so many online medical centers use this strategy.

The benefits of email marketing are not just limited to healthcare professionals. Email reaches a much wider audience and can be used for lead generation, which is one reason it's so effective.

For every dollar spent on e-mailing your providers or clients, there will usually come back an average return (depending upon how big their list currently exists) of around $44 bucks in profit.


A) Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)

Digital marketing has the potential to cut patient acquisition costs in half. A recent survey conducted by U.S based vein practices reports that the most common media channels are print (68%) and TV(30%), which cost about $314 per patient.

However, when you invest in digital outreach it can reduce this overall price significantly by 50%.

B) Successfully Utilizing Demographics

Health expenditure demographics

Digital marketing allows you to tailor your message for each patient. This means that instead of just advertising people in general, like traditional media platforms do today with TV commercials and billboards all over town.

Digital marketers can speak directly to their potential customer base by age range, gender, or location, to name just three options out there.

So not only are we reaching more individuals but also pockets within these demographics who may have otherwise gone overlooked before now thanks o this new technology-based approach.

C) Data-Driven Decisions to Drive Engagement

Data-driven decisions flow chart

The digital world is an ever-evolving place, and with all of these new marketing techniques, it has become easier than ever before to track user experience.

The benefits are twofold: not only can you improve your business model by understanding what makes people tick but also take proactive steps towards maintaining engagement to keep them coming back.

D) Search Engine Visibility and Reaching Customers Online

Healthcare searches breakdown

Google is the most popular search engine on earth, and it's always good to be aware of how you can use this tool to your advantage.

The first step in maximizing visibility with Google should include implementing SEO techniques like keyword research as well as content optimization.

So that when potential customers do a geographical or demographic-based query (which they will), their computer screens load up all relevant information from sites such as yours.


Patient referrals in the digital world line graph

The digital world has given healthcare providers access to a lot of new tools and techniques that can be used for lead generation.

For example, Md Connect Inc was able to drive 250Kth referrals through targeted marketing with the help of their website's Vein Market section where patients go after seeking treatment options online.

Digital marketing will allow healthcare providers to connect with the right audience and generate more visibility and appointments over time. Enspire360 specializes in digital marketing for healthcare providers. Click here to setup a strategy session and get personalized marketing strategy.


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