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Case Study
Improved Solution Awareness & User Engagement
 for a Global Business Networking Website by Improving Website & Registration Experience

User Experience Design | Homepage Redesign | Registration & Onboarding | Conversion Optimization | Rewards | SEO


increase in keywords ranked


increase in pages ranked

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GlobalLinker is a global network of over 350k small and mid-sized businesses that have access to powerful business tools. Global brands like Mastercard and HSBC bank have private labeled the solution for their small business customers. Through rapid growth in its membership base and new features, GlobalLinker faced 3 key challenges: 

  1. low registration completion rates and high dropoffs 

  2. lack of user incentivization

  3. low engagement post-registration


GlobalLinker was looking for: 

  1. Ways to explain and reinforce the core offering

  2. Encourage new members to create quality profiles

  3. Improve solution awareness and excitement for greater participation


  • Reimagined and redesigned the homepage 

  • Designed a streamlined registration process

  • Created partner pages with lead magnets & forms 

  • Developed a point system to reward engagement

  • Developed highly personalized communications

  • Developed designs for overlay tutorials

  • Developed personalized communications to pull the users back to the website

  • Make improvements to the website's architecture, layout and sitemap to get more web pages indexed on Google


  • Competitive analysis

  • Improved user experience

  • Redesign homepage

  • Redesign registration 

  • Conversion optimization

  • Rewards & certificates to encourage engagement

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


By highlighting the key benefits and differentiators on the home page and displaying trust signals throughout the registration process we increased the likelihood of completion. By adding gamification elements to the registration, we encouraged the users to provide a more complete and accurate profile of their business. And through guided tutorials, we help users understand the breadth of the solution and help them find new opportunities, resources, and features. 


The new layout design is clean and modern. It focuses the users' attention on two key areas: (1) build your business, and (2) build your store. We display social signals above the fold and then further down the page to build credibility. This is followed by key benefits and differentiators to engage the users and increase registration completions. We display 5 ways someone can partner with GlobalLinker which takes the user to a high-converting landing page. This is followed by Resources to improve solution awareness and internal linking. 

Homepage Redesign.jpg
Homepage Redesign 2.jpg


We simplified the registration process and provided visual indicators so users know exactly where they are in the process. To encourage users to complete registrations and to provide detailed and more accurate profile information, we introduced reward points and shared compelling business benefits along the process. To improve usage post-registration, we designed a light tutorial. 



We Developed templates for highly personalized communication designed to pull the users back to the website to complete their profile or take a specific action. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.03.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.03.43 PM.png


Search Engine Optimization activities included making pages more indexable, improving website layout and architecture, better internal linking, and improving the sitemap. 

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Web Pages Ranked.png


Through the reimagined user experience and better layout design, we were able to significantly improve solution awareness and registration completions. We also reduced the bounce rate and increased the dwell time on these pages. 


increase in keywords ranked


increase in pages ranked

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